Ruth Davidson car crash interview radio five live

12 May

You have to listen to this,really every question after she answers she has to go back in and say(around fifty times) “well what I’m saying” I have a suspicion about her now,when the rape clause question came up Ruth seemed unable to say the word rape she danced around it,made me wonder if perhaps she had been involved in something so bad that she did to someone ! just pricked a wee thought process.

Aye Right Radio

Ruth Davidson misery face

Emma Barnett of radio five live interviews the nearly as popular as Margaret Thatcher, Ruth Davidson into several corners created by Tory policy.

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Recent £2 coin issues ranked amongst the most sought after by new Scarcity Index

10 May

Could make a few think of making an extra few quid from a few quid!

Change Checker

Can’t wait – click here to reveal the UK’s “scarcest” £2 coin

Change Checker has released the first-ever scarcity index for £2 circulating coins. Following the recently published indexes for the Round £1 Coin and 50p Coin, the Scarcity Index tracks which £2 coins are the most scarce and collectable, using a unique combination of mintage, collecting and swap data to give the most up-to-date picture of today’s £2 collecting market.

Recent Issues are a hit with collectors

Recent issues score highly in £2 Scarcity Index

However, it has been some of The Royal Mint’s most recent issues that have dominated the top 10 places, with four of the coins coming from the last two years- First World War Navy £2 (2015), The Great Fire of London £2 (2016) and the Shakespeare Comedy and Tragedy £2 (2016).   

Whilst all the mintage information is still not available for these issues…

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Rennie – A Consummate Liar and His Similar Minded Colleagues Are Anticipating Scottish Voters Will Forgive Them Their Trespasses – This Reminder Will Hopefully Remind the Electorate of The Treacherous Willie and His Wonka Gang

26 Apr

A reminder about Rennie how far is he from honesty and integrity.



William Cowan Rennie – Liberal Democrat

William Cowan Rennie was born in Fife and grew up in Strathmiglo, where his family ran the village shop and still live today. His mother was secretary of the local community association and his grandfather was the local Minister. He lives in Kelty with his wife Janet and their two sons, Alexander and Stephen. He is a keen runner and is a member of Dunfermline’s Carnegie Harriers. He was also runner-up in the 2006 Scottish Coal-Carrying Championships held in Kelty. Rennie was one of the 50 MPs who ran a mile to raise money for Sport Relief finishing close behind the winner, David Davies.

He went to Bell Baxter High School in Cupar, Fife, before going to Paisley College of Technology, where he graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Biology. After that, he received a Diploma in Industrial Administration at Glasgow College. After college…

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Brexit v Independence

20 Apr

Auld Acquaintance


The Control freakery of Theresa May seems to know no bounds.
First she wanted control of parliament so that parliament would not be able to debate anything to do with her Brexit Bill…. She was challenged and lost in the English High Court….But rather than accept that legal decision she chose to appeal it in the Supreme Court and lost again!
Despite losing there…she instead railroaded the Brexit Bill through both houses of  Westminster allowing no room for dissent or alteration. The Lords…worthless unelected peers that they are, attempted to get a couple of amendments…and she basically threatened them do as you are told or you will lose out.. And one thing these codgers care about is their massive daily attendance they backed down.
Not satisfied with that…. she then came up with the lamest of excuses to rip up the 5 year parliament bill which her previous mob…

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Tank Commander Colonel Roothie

20 Apr

Auld Acquaintance


Just When You think that things cannot get anymore surreal….
We now have this image of Theresa May conducting her own personal Electoral war against Scots by declaring that in Scotland this election will all be about refusing the right of the Scottish Government to call another Independence Referendum..
And here we are ….Bang on the button….. On April 17th she Instructs the Army Signal Corp to make Roothie a full blown Colonel of the Territorials…. That will fit in nicely with sending Rooth over the top into her Scottish Colony… Ably backed up by her Colonial Minister for Scotland Fluffy Mundell..

You Couldn’t make it up …Could you? Probably Not….As this is really a case of the Truth being stranger than fiction…

So lets whistle together folks to the tune of Colonel Bogey……  or as the troops sang to it in the 2nd World War… “Hitler has only got…

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In Scotland Lets make June the End of May

19 Apr

No comment needed.

Auld Acquaintance

Theresa May after calling for a General Election to take place on the 8th of June has decided to make her pitch to Scotland on the Independence Referendum of All things.
Writing for the Scotsman she said the following:

“Those of us who believe in our United Kingdom, and in the benefits of sharing together the risks and rewards of national life as one people, must speak up for it. In response to the narrow, tunnel-vision politics of the nationalists, who see every issue through the distorting prism of grievance, we who believe in unity and solidarity across our country must work to offer a positive and compelling alternative,”

One has to ask where the rewards are for ordinary Scots Women and Men in her disunited kingdom? Where are these benefits she speaks of? The Only benefits I am aware of are the the ones she and her government are…

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Voter Fatigue…..Don’t Want another Election

19 Apr

Another good day at Chez Rod’s,I’ll have to pass this along to join the others.Aye so many moan and groan but wont vote because of so many ideas in their heads and all wrong.Why moan and groan when you could be out fighting your corner,again no reasons just vague notions that nobody cares except those that are taking the money,hey its our money try and keep some for us.Get the services back on track vote the right ones in get to know who they are get involved its the only way,don’t let yourself down or the rest of us.

Auld Acquaintance

So here we go again… Would it not just sicken you? Already people squabbling about how to vote in the Council elections and up pops Theresa May to tell us that we are having another General Election in a matter of Weeks.
Fair scunnered by it all I am.. Have we not had enough of these bloomin elections and referendums?
All we are getting in the press, social media, and the tv news is yackity yackity yack from windbag politicians. I can’t even go down the Social for a quiet wee pint but somebody is banging on about bloody politics!
I turn on the tv….and there is the BBC Reporting Scotland out and about nabbing folks in the street asking them what they think about yet another election, and they are all the same as me…. Whit? Yer kiddin….when, why….Naw naw naw we dinnae want yin!
I cannae even have…

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