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Use Your Loaf

31 Jul

There is no theft when its for food.

It’s Not About about the Money Money Money

29 Jul

just need people to understand

What Can Be Done?

23 Jul

Worth reading.

A No Vote is not a Vote for No Change

21 Jul

Substantial Substates

20 Jul

More views and opinions the more the better each one is a point to discuss.

Why we need to do something about the Orange Order

8 Jul

Excellent article,written with a tinge of sadness that some in our society could and do behave in this manner.Worse I suppose is the recognised church of our country having nothing to say over the matter,days that make me glad I am an atheist,but still fail to understand the behaviour of so called religious people who cry for peace yet yearn for war,makes less sense the older I get.These folk commemorate a battle! from long ago.a time when it was alright to kill for a cause and a monarch they don’t understand that we have moved on,or is that giving them an excuse for their bigotry.One way for the bigotry to be removed is to take away the bias against a Catholic taking up the position of monarch,then maybe it will drip down to them that they should learn that others also have rights.A total secular society is needed,and that goes for the figurehead of the country.

Letter from Hanoi, Vietnam on our Independence Referendum

6 Jul

Have a read and check up and still some Scots are afraid.

I am English voting Yes for Scotland the land that is my home.

4 Jul

Our Friends in the South

4 Jul

Reclaim a Bitter Vocabulary, Celebrate a Common Future for Scotland

3 Jul

Good blog worth a wee read.