Park the agendas, there is only one

2 Aug

Says it much better than me.

A Burdz Eye View

All around Scotland, people are going to extraordinary lengths to help deliver a Yes vote.

There’s the woman I know who works long hours hundreds of miles from home, who uses travel time to organise stuff and then every weekend at home, doing stuff.  There’s the man I met out at a mass canvass over from France for five weeks at his own expense and the young woman who turned up at a Yes stall from Canada, having jacked her job in to spend the summer in Scotland, campaigning.

There are folk using up every available bit of unpaid and paid leave from work to play their part.  Some have put their businesses on the back burner so they can spend as much time as possible campaigning.  There are the retireds, who have put in a lifetime of work, now spending all day, every day out on the stump, putting…

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