Salmond v Darling: who won?

6 Aug

I thought Alex looked a bit wearied,or off colour maybe more help is needed from other yessers?.I also thought he behaved in a more adult manner,I cant go finger waving nor shouting in debates.Perhaps I had my opinion on who won changed many times by what I have read and heard since,but I did return to Alex won and won well,it was Darling’s ill manners that turned me into a certain Alex won.OK so I have been a member of the SNP on and off(because of moving around for work) for about 40 years,might have made me a bit biased.

A Burdz Eye View

So, I went to bed last night somewhat discomfited.

The stress engendered by trying to watch the bloody thing in Scotland’s far-flung southern most corner hadn’t helped.  It might have been on ITV Border but it would seem there are two versions of this channel on Freeview.  Sadly, the folks appear to have the Cumbrian version.

The STV player crashed, indicating the level of interest in watching this debate all over the UK and no doubt, the world.  I even tried the pub next door but alas, the woman behind the bar didn’t know how to change the channel.  Frustrated at every turn, relying on twitter to gauge how it was all going was probably not wise.  By the time I arrived, the No side was crowing, the Yes side strangely muted.

So with only little more than half the debate to go, I finally got to settle down with…

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