Douglas Alexander: Politician, Thinker, Great Briton

11 Aug

Douglas Alexander has a problem,and its himself that is the problem.He cannot tell us what his party,London Labour,has done or what they will do,because it would only take one sentence,he talks continually about the SNP,and why? I suspect it has a bit of the green eyed monster about him,he wishes he could be honest enough and have integrity to be a member of the SNP.He talks about what he fears the most and he says all the lies he thinks he can get away with,and that is his mentality its all about “WHAT HE CAN GET AWAY WITH” not what he will do but what others either have done or not done,he seeks to stand on the shoulders of those that have done what is right for Scotland.I think he is afraid to tell London what the reality is in Scotland,craven coward is the phrase that came to mind,although I don’t know why.When he gives out snide insults and puts the insults on the face of others,he is saying what he wants to say himself it is him who sees others as foreigners,but he tries to put it about like he reads what others think,no Douglas you said what you think for I am certain you cannot read minds.(if this makes sense to you explain it to me please)

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