19 Aug

Stop an MP from getting another million £,s in expenses vote yes.

Auld Acquaintance


If you are a bigot
If you are a racist
If you are a homophobe
If you are a Lord
If you are a UK newspaper editor
If you are a BBC executive
If you are a UK Conservative
If you are a Scottish Labour or Libdem MP

VOTE NO for:
Punishing the poorest in society
Making Homeless Spikes in doorways
Sanctioning the unemployed
Food banks
Selling off the NHS in portions
Taxing the less well off for having one bedroom too many
In favour of Austerity measures for the less well off
Want shot of the Human Rights Act
Dont want to take responsibility for your decisions
Keeping Nuclear Warheads
Fighting foreign conflicts
Selling Arms to Despots
Punishing the Chronically Ill and Disabled
Increasing Debt past £1.3 Trillion
Giving away All your countries resources
High Further Education Fees
Pay Rises for MPs
Subsided Food and Drink for…

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