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Why Glasgow 2014 matters

7 Aug

As always good stuff.

A Burdz Eye View

I’ve been a big fan of the Scottish Review for a long while.  I like its spikiness.  Most of all, I like Kenneth Roy’s carmudgeonly spikiness, his refusal to blithely accept what is laid before him as news offerings. Insightful, thoughtful, necessary and often, uncomfortable.  It’s a great read.

But I disagree wholeheartedly with his dismantling of the importance of sport and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in his most recent post.

I like sport.  I like watching it, in all its forms, much more than I like doing it.  And this summer, I’ve managed to spectate at not just one, but two big events: the Tour de France and the Commonwealth Games.

Getting tickets to go and see some of Glasgow 2014 mattered.  The Games probably won’t return to our patch until I’m past it or even no longer here.  And I wanted to make sure that I got to…

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Avoiding a Political Trap: Why Alex Salmond didn’t articulate a Plan B on currency

7 Aug

Articulated like I would like to be able to do,I think puts my thoughts and perhaps some other folks thoughts as well into a very good blog.

Referendum TV

6 Aug

Only one thing to ask,How do I watch the referendum TV? Sorry one more question can I get it on my cable box?

Salmond v Darling: who won?

6 Aug

I thought Alex looked a bit wearied,or off colour maybe more help is needed from other yessers?.I also thought he behaved in a more adult manner,I cant go finger waving nor shouting in debates.Perhaps I had my opinion on who won changed many times by what I have read and heard since,but I did return to Alex won and won well,it was Darling’s ill manners that turned me into a certain Alex won.OK so I have been a member of the SNP on and off(because of moving around for work) for about 40 years,might have made me a bit biased.

A Burdz Eye View

So, I went to bed last night somewhat discomfited.

The stress engendered by trying to watch the bloody thing in Scotland’s far-flung southern most corner hadn’t helped.  It might have been on ITV Border but it would seem there are two versions of this channel on Freeview.  Sadly, the folks appear to have the Cumbrian version.

The STV player crashed, indicating the level of interest in watching this debate all over the UK and no doubt, the world.  I even tried the pub next door but alas, the woman behind the bar didn’t know how to change the channel.  Frustrated at every turn, relying on twitter to gauge how it was all going was probably not wise.  By the time I arrived, the No side was crowing, the Yes side strangely muted.

So with only little more than half the debate to go, I finally got to settle down with…

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Scottish independence referendum on 18 Sept 2014 – How will you vote?

5 Aug

The Net of Saint Andrew

2 Aug

Aye well I am astounded at all of this,only ever knew the basics of it,and accepted it was for those of a religious nature,not thinking of the political points at all.

The Real State of Scotland’s Oil and Gas Reserves

2 Aug

Park the agendas, there is only one

2 Aug

Says it much better than me.

A Burdz Eye View

All around Scotland, people are going to extraordinary lengths to help deliver a Yes vote.

There’s the woman I know who works long hours hundreds of miles from home, who uses travel time to organise stuff and then every weekend at home, doing stuff.  There’s the man I met out at a mass canvass over from France for five weeks at his own expense and the young woman who turned up at a Yes stall from Canada, having jacked her job in to spend the summer in Scotland, campaigning.

There are folk using up every available bit of unpaid and paid leave from work to play their part.  Some have put their businesses on the back burner so they can spend as much time as possible campaigning.  There are the retireds, who have put in a lifetime of work, now spending all day, every day out on the stump, putting…

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Yes or No? The Idiotic question with the intelligent answer

2 Aug

Questions put properly to the right people.