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A Scottish Podemos

26 Sep

Democracy needs honesty from the politicians.Lie and there was no democratic vote.

Independence is definitely a generational thing

20 Sep

I like many feel dejected and rejected,I am 62 and can understand why so many vote no but I think there were more younger ones voting yes.I am suspicious of all the new registrations,I wonder where they came from and if the just manage to vanish this weekend and get back to where they came from.The amount that registered was just enough to win for the no,and the unprecedented amount of postal votes that also arouses my suspicions.If as I am certain,will happen,none of the “extra powers” will come our way,there are wars to start and conflicts to send the Scottish troops in to.I can also see Scottish Water being sold off to a new company full of Tory donors and members of the party,it will be sold for a£1. so that they can raise money,and prices,to build the new infrastructure that they need to build.Of course they also own the companies supplying the materials to do the building,I would like to say to all those no voters thank you very much and if you lot are going to die in the next couple of years why did you leave this mess for our grandchildren to clean up.Thanks for getting rid of our country Scotland is no more you lot officially condemned it to history.Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest,I feel so sad Glasgow voted yes and then we had the unionist foot soldiers attack the goodbye party the yes supporters were having.Perhaps my hopes shall like a phoenix shall rise from the ashes of my despair

A Burdz Eye View

Some of you may know that I have written a book.  Most of you don’t, because I’ve not done very much about promoting it or talking about it.  And yet, how relevant it all seems – even after the big vote.

The book examines Generation ScotY, Scotland’s 20somethings, who they are, what influences them, how they responded to the referendum and what their voting intentions were.  At the time I finished writing it, it wasn’t clear how they would vote but the book does burst a few myths about what matters to this crucial generation.

So having failed miserably to get out on the circuit and talk it up, and having not bothered anyone at any time for funding for this blog or to feed me and my weans while I took three months off work to campaign for independence, I’m hoping a few of you might be inclined to…

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Welcome to North Britain

20 Sep

If any of you think that the Scottish government can protect you ,sorry but it wont,because soon the teeth will be pulled,the no vote has left us as a toothless dog begging for scraps off of our own table,we wont get a penny of our natural resources and because of fools that believe the Labour party (dirty traitors to my mind) we shall soon see our water sold off to some nice Tories from the London city.They will get it for a pound and they will milk everyone of us thanks no voters you have finished off the work of Wade.

How independence can unleash Scotland’s future energy industries

11 Sep

Please watch and share.

12 Stories True

9 Sep

Sir,it with a sense of shame that I read the letters page today.I find it a disgrace that people in Scotland have no faith in our own ability to run our country.Has Scotland been so put down that now so many people have no confidence in themselves to make decisions? People putting forward the it wont work argument or we cannae dae it,where is the money coming from? they don’t realise that as a country Scotland produces enough food to be able to export 25% of our produce,this is a rich country,and money comes from the sale of what we produce.When the totals of what we import on food are tallied with what we export we are net exporters by £4.billion a year at least.We still make other items for export and sell oil and electricity that is where money comes from.we export our knowledge and services,that is where the money comes from.One important point if we were a cost to Westminster they would have “gave” us our independence a long time ago,we are subsidising them.One person wrote about socialism and being united aye all very good,but for a 100 years the Labour party have tried to convince “the majority” on these islands to be more caring and sharing,its not happening,so why deny the 5.3 million Scots who want to be caring and sharing the chance to be.That is some of the answers,I don’t expect to be printed but it felt good to put them down.regards

A Letter to England

7 Sep

I think its excellent and quite brilliant,one of the best I’ve read (OK maybe the best)

Another Scotland

Dear England

I hope you’re keeping well. I’m sure it must be a bit of a shock waking up to your newspapers this morning and realising that all of this could be about to end.

That’s certainly the impression that your newspaper columnists give. If any of this is coming as a surprise then that is frankly because your media have served you pretty poorly over the last two years.

They’ve tried to convince you that somehow this is all about you and how much the Scots hate you. It’s not about you – it’s about us. It’s about how we wish ourselves to be governed and it’s about the kind of society we want to live in.

Here is the reality of what has been going on in Scotland for the last two years. You might have read a few people talking about it, but to the best of…

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Save the Union!

7 Sep

From this is it,”its either yes or no”. There is no win win situation”,two years ago.With the “line in the sand” in the sand! well the tide of popular opinion has came in and washed that line away.Now we get federalism! or much more powers! but its all “Devolved” which means no power at all.Devolved is retained,how many left will still fall for the Westminster twist,not many maybe one or two but they want convinced that they are not stupid,and that they have not been fooled before!!!

Too Little Too Late

7 Sep

What Scottish independence means for Asia, for India

6 Sep

TTIP and the Scottish NHS

5 Sep