Whose fear is it anyway?

1 Sep

Brilliant blog,will be sharing it and tweeting it etc,one of your best,but letting them in on the secrets still they cant do a thing even with their fake and feigned attacks.Eggs are cheap and how did the guy get so close as to place it Murphy’s neck? was he the one from the “minders” chosen to do it and walk away? usually when a politician is hit with an egg the tosser,of the egg, stays around for the adulation,this one didn’t.

A Burdz Eye View

Fear is all around us.  All they feel is fear.  They fear it in their fingers and fear it in their toes.  They have nothing to fear but fear itself.

And boy is that a powerful emotion.  Especially when your biggest fear is that of losing your job.

The Westminster dinosaurs who once roamed this land with impunity, fearing nothing and nobody, are facing extinction.  And they are feart.  Running scared.

And here’s the news, newsfolk: just because they think they can make it news, doesn’t actually make it news.

Just because Darling and Murphy have gone to the police and the electoral authorities wringing their hands about how feart they are, doesn’t actually mean they have anything to fear.

Other than fear itself.

If anything told us that they are worried – seriously worried – that the tide in this referendum has turned, it is this little publicity stunt…

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