12 Stories True

9 Sep

Sir,it with a sense of shame that I read the letters page today.I find it a disgrace that people in Scotland have no faith in our own ability to run our country.Has Scotland been so put down that now so many people have no confidence in themselves to make decisions? People putting forward the it wont work argument or we cannae dae it,where is the money coming from? they don’t realise that as a country Scotland produces enough food to be able to export 25% of our produce,this is a rich country,and money comes from the sale of what we produce.When the totals of what we import on food are tallied with what we export we are net exporters by £4.billion a year at least.We still make other items for export and sell oil and electricity that is where money comes from.we export our knowledge and services,that is where the money comes from.One important point if we were a cost to Westminster they would have “gave” us our independence a long time ago,we are subsidising them.One person wrote about socialism and being united aye all very good,but for a 100 years the Labour party have tried to convince “the majority” on these islands to be more caring and sharing,its not happening,so why deny the 5.3 million Scots who want to be caring and sharing the chance to be.That is some of the answers,I don’t expect to be printed but it felt good to put them down.regards

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