Independence is definitely a generational thing

20 Sep

I like many feel dejected and rejected,I am 62 and can understand why so many vote no but I think there were more younger ones voting yes.I am suspicious of all the new registrations,I wonder where they came from and if the just manage to vanish this weekend and get back to where they came from.The amount that registered was just enough to win for the no,and the unprecedented amount of postal votes that also arouses my suspicions.If as I am certain,will happen,none of the “extra powers” will come our way,there are wars to start and conflicts to send the Scottish troops in to.I can also see Scottish Water being sold off to a new company full of Tory donors and members of the party,it will be sold for a£1. so that they can raise money,and prices,to build the new infrastructure that they need to build.Of course they also own the companies supplying the materials to do the building,I would like to say to all those no voters thank you very much and if you lot are going to die in the next couple of years why did you leave this mess for our grandchildren to clean up.Thanks for getting rid of our country Scotland is no more you lot officially condemned it to history.Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest,I feel so sad Glasgow voted yes and then we had the unionist foot soldiers attack the goodbye party the yes supporters were having.Perhaps my hopes shall like a phoenix shall rise from the ashes of my despair

A Burdz Eye View

Some of you may know that I have written a book.  Most of you don’t, because I’ve not done very much about promoting it or talking about it.  And yet, how relevant it all seems – even after the big vote.

The book examines Generation ScotY, Scotland’s 20somethings, who they are, what influences them, how they responded to the referendum and what their voting intentions were.  At the time I finished writing it, it wasn’t clear how they would vote but the book does burst a few myths about what matters to this crucial generation.

So having failed miserably to get out on the circuit and talk it up, and having not bothered anyone at any time for funding for this blog or to feed me and my weans while I took three months off work to campaign for independence, I’m hoping a few of you might be inclined to…

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