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Alistair Darling – Kinnock said “I Never Want To See That Bearded Trot Become An MP.” Up Yours Neil He’s Now A Lord Just Like You

29 Aug

More hypocrisy pointed out Labour of course,surprised? me neither.



Darling: A Political Unprincipled Opportunist

Twenty-five years ago, the man they knew as a bushy-bearded ringleader at a Loony Left council, was a supporter of the International Marxist Group, one of whose key objectives was the nationalisation of the British banking system as a first step towards full-blown Communism.

Back to the Eighties: Alistair Darling (centre) with supporters after the 1982 Edinburgh regional electionsLoony left members of the Edinburgh District Council

Ah ! those days of youthful folly so embarrassing to senior politicians and, usually, best left undisturbed. After all, surely a politician, no less than anyone else, is entitled to grow out of their immature ravings?  True enough, but at the peak of his madcap Leftie days, Darling was hardly a youth  –  he was a qualified solicitor approaching his mid-30s and was just being admitted to the Scottish bar.

Where's the beard gone: Alistair Darling as he is today

He was a classic family rebel, a product of Scotland’s oldest boarding school, Loretto (other old boys include the broadcaster Andrew Marr…

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