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Devolution – A Diplomatic Gift From Westminster Or A Poisoned Chalice Concocted to Destroy Scotland – Part 2

21 Jan


1999 – Devolution – Establishment of the Scottish Assembly

Westminster politicians, across the party’s did not embrace devolution with any degree of enthusiasm. The proposal was cynically introduced by Tony Blair as an election propaganda tool designed to encourage Scottish voters to join the labour party cause, namely getting rid of the centralising Tory party in the process further strengthening the Labour Party’s political base in Scotland.

The concept of devolution was further sold by the labour party to the Scottish public as being a return to local democracy, reversing the damage to Scottish society of 13 years of Tory centralising misrule. “New Labour” would devolve control of public and economic policy to Scotland.

Voting arrangements, introducing a strange hybrid form of proportional representation were put in place by the Labour government and the Lib/Dem’s ensuring there would be a permanent coalition government in Scotland to the exclusion of the…

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Devolution – A Diplomatic Gift From Westminster Or A Poisoned Chalice Concocted to Destroy Scotland – Part 1

19 Jan

None the wiser,no not me Mundell,he’s none the wiser!


17 December 2002: Devolution (Scotland) Arrangements within the UK Government

A commons select committee was formed early in the year 2002 with a remit to review inter-government working arrangements insofar as they were applicable to devolution and to bring forward recommendations, if any, for change which would further enhance devolution legislation.

Within the UK Government, responsibility for intergovernmental relations is widely dispersed. Few parts of the UK Government are untouched by devolution. In a department such as the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) almost every part of the organisation has to interact with its counterparts in the devolved administrations with some degree of frequency. What follows addresses how the UK Government is organised at the centre to deal with intergovernmental relations as they affect Scotland.

David Mundell and his son (Future Secretary of State for Scotland) Nepotism !!

The Secretary of State For the UK Government…

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“So listen to me well, Labour Party, because if you get this wrong again you will be done for, once and for all”

3 Jan

Worth repeating.

Mr Topple

The below is a response from a lady called “Annette”, to an article by former Scottish Labour MSP Richard Baker entitled “Separation is not the answer” (to Labours woes).

The piece originally appeared on, and was brought to my attention by . The original article can be found here:


I am so tired of the word “nationalism” being branded about by Labour. And, ooh, they inserted the word “patriotic” in their constitution, how quaint. Personally, I don’t give a toss about patriotism and nationalism. I am an EU citizen living in Scotland and I voted YES because it is my firm belief that every country has a right to political self-determination and should not be ruled by another country. This is something that I suspect most Labourites would in theory agree to, because it makes them sound noble, but when applied to Scotland, they suddenly…

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