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18 Feb

I feel empathy with the Kurdish nation.

Peace in Kurdistan

The General Command of YPG (People’s Defense Units) has released a statement in response to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who blamed the YPG for yesterday’s attack in the heart of Turkish capital Ankara which left 28 people dead and 64 others wounded.

YPG General Command said they have no links to the attack, remarking that Davutoğlu put forward this accusation to pave the way for an offensive on Rojava and Syria. The General Command stressed that YPG hasn’t engaged in any kind of military activity against the Turkish state so far in spite of all its attacks and provocations.

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18 Feb


Not even one penny to Alistair Carmichael.

8 Feb

I hope the end of the court proceedings and people can get on with their lives without fear of bankruptcy.

The Orkney Vole

IMG_0186 Our burrows are safe.

I have just from our lawyers that we are not going to have to pay Alistair Carmichael, the disgraced MP for Orkney and Shetland, any money at all.

Nothing is due. 

It is too soon for us to react us a team – I am obviously relieved – intensely – and feeling vindicated.  He was the only conspirator who played a shoddy trick. He will need a lot of help from his friends who have not been generous so far.

We do not know our final bill yet – we will let you know – and thank you – thank you – thank you to the people who have contributed to what we have done and whose moral and financial support has made it possible.

Thank you.


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Looking Forward to Brexit? Welcome to Minsk…

7 Feb

Aye I concur if its Brexit then its out and NO that is NO special deals or concessions,and will the Commonwealth welcome us back with open arms? I don’t think so,we scuppered a lot of business’s when we stopped buying dairy products and “meat” from Australia and New Zealand! vote out and who will want to be our friend after all we wont keep to any agreements when the going gets tough.

Scottish Economic Analysis Unit

In early September 2003 the Estonian Kanal 2 TV channel aired a program to explain a few details about the upcoming referendum on that country’s membership of the EU. The host was well-known politician Toomas Hendrik Ilves (now the President of Estonia) and the guest was a leading figure from the European Parliament. The show outlined to the viewing audience the implications of the outcome of their referendum and near the end the host asked his guest, “If Estonia votes No then what is Plan B?” The answer from Europe was unequivocally clear, “There is no Plan B. If you vote No then you are with Belarus.”

Well that was pretty stark and Estonia, much as expected, voted by 2 to 1 to join the EU and the rest is history.

Consider this though, outside the UK and with very few exceptions the EU is immensely popular even if it is certainly…

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1 Feb

Satire can be wonderful satire can be cheap,this is good I like it.

The North British News

Ruth Davidson Tank.jpg

Pictured – The campaign to save endangered Tories.

North British Political Correspondent – A.J Stubbs

A devastating blow for the separatists today as an independent lobbying group has accused the Sturgeon Regime of holding back aspirational North British Tory MPs.

The group, The Privileged Diversity Alliance, set-up by Lord Tiffen Farquar-Slice, found that the SNP needed to “level the playing field” in order to allow those from a variety of backgrounds to become MPS.

People shouldn’t be discriminated against because of what private school they went to. I went to Edinburgh’s Fetes College, which had extra-curricular modules in ‘dismantling the social sector’, ‘union breaking’ and ‘The Hunger Games: Reality – the proles actually like it’. These are traditional Tory political skills that could be lost forever unless we take urgent action now!”

The report detailed how it was becoming increasing difficult for aspiring Tory MPs to get a…

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