1 Feb

Satire can be wonderful satire can be cheap,this is good I like it.

The North British News

Ruth Davidson Tank.jpg

Pictured – The campaign to save endangered Tories.

North British Political Correspondent – A.J Stubbs

A devastating blow for the separatists today as an independent lobbying group has accused the Sturgeon Regime of holding back aspirational North British Tory MPs.

The group, The Privileged Diversity Alliance, set-up by Lord Tiffen Farquar-Slice, found that the SNP needed to “level the playing field” in order to allow those from a variety of backgrounds to become MPS.

People shouldn’t be discriminated against because of what private school they went to. I went to Edinburgh’s Fetes College, which had extra-curricular modules in ‘dismantling the social sector’, ‘union breaking’ and ‘The Hunger Games: Reality – the proles actually like it’. These are traditional Tory political skills that could be lost forever unless we take urgent action now!”

The report detailed how it was becoming increasing difficult for aspiring Tory MPs to get a…

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