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2nd Vote Russian Roulette

12 Apr

I am one of the SNP advocates for SNP 1&2,my party,I have a vote for the person,then I have a vote for the party,it would seem illogical to vote for the SNP candidate,and vote against the SNP with the second vote.To my simple self it is the only way I can vote,and if as I suspect we wont take all the seats that seem so certain just now.We will need the second vote as a back up,sorry to the smaller parties but as the left has always done here in Scotland (and elsewhere) split their own vote,please don’t split ours.

Auld Acquaintance

On social media there is a constant carping and clamoring going on, about where folks should place their vote on the regional list.
There is a constant mantra from SNP supporters for SNP 1&2 …Both votes SNP
Meanwhile Greens and Rise are like fledglings in a nest with their beaks wide open calling under the SNP big bird, to be fed our second vote.

The arguments have ranged back and forth over who deserves that precious 2nd vote most.
SNP supporters claim that it has to be the SNP that gets it, as a sort of insurance policy to ensure that if the constituency vote is not enough, then the 2nd vote will give a better chance to get over the finishing line for a majority government.
They also support this claim by saying that a vote for the Greens or Rise on the 2nd vote would play into the…

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