Indyref2 the new Culloden

3 May

The Scottish left have been tearing themselves apart for many years,its just their nature.The Scottish left jumped on the YES campaign for their own ends and have a different agenda from we who really do seek independence.They have a problem with agreeing and sticking to an agreement,they all have pathetic egos and lack the intellect to realise what they do,as its always somebody else’s fault.

Auld Acquaintance

Looking back into the annals of History, time and time again, we see the perceived victors as being the ones who kept to organisation and unity, while spreading and engendering discord amongst the vanquished.
“United we stand, divided we fall”

Looking back to the time of Culloden and the 2nd Jacobite rebellion, At what seemed to be the point of success,on the outskirts of London. The Jacobites squabbled and fell out amongst themselves and went home. This allowed the British to regroup and eventually slaughter the Jacobites at Culloden.
Lets not get caught up with the politics of the time, which was no Scotland v England thing, but rather the dubious inheritance of monarchy mixed with religion, with many Scots Clans fighting on the Governments side against the Jacobite Clans.
Scotland was utterly divided by this point in time, and the result of all this Scots squabbling led to the…

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