An Alien in a strange land

17 May

Missed your blogs Rod,this is a good one three parts,small book coming next I hope.It is interesting how people are maneuvered.The Kurdish people have been displaced for almost 100 years reason are many but the “British Empire” as you would expect had a hand in the division of the country.If you would like to assist the Kurdish people best person to contact is Mr.Stephen Smellie,he is in my contact list,and lives in Hamilton and something to do with Unison in South Lanarkshire.Stephen has for several years now been visiting Kurdistan contacting the unions to help them organise plus speaking up for the people where and whenever he can.He is a good man to talk to.

Auld Acquaintance

Imagine for one moment, that you are having a perfectly normal conversation with 3 strangers you have never met before. There is nothing controversial being said,there is no argument or raising of voices above normal conversation level. It is all very peaceful and you are outside a hotel where you happen to be staying for the moment.
Imagine then, that some stranger approaches your small group, and then proceeds to tell you that you are to move, that it is not acceptable for you to have your conversation where you are, that you must move to the back of the hotel, to the hotels car park.
Imagine further, that when you object to being forced to move, that they then tell you that you are not allowed to speak to your new friends, and proceed to herd them back into the hotel.
You have just had your basic human rights…

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