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The Nationalist Danger to Scottish Nationhood

30 Jun

Aye Rod,I put a point out about how the socialist parties in Scotland split and become useless,I did this several times.I know in a few places ex-Labour members came to the SNP and brought with them the petty bickering and back-stabbing ways.It is a sad thing that we cant educate the stupid.

Auld Acquaintance

Like it or not, some hard facts and hard words need to be spoken before Indyref2 kicks off, and kick off it is now certain to do, sooner rather than later.
Right now British politics has never been in such a state of disarray , it is in a political melt down that rivals a nuclear reactor failure.
There has hardly been a moment to draw breath since the Euro referendum, and so much seems to be happening all at once, that it is hard to keep up with it all.

Yet today, almost unheralded and certainly not reported, was a historic day in Scottish history. For the first time since 1707, Scottish foreign policy and diplomacy was exercised, with Nicola Sturgeons visit to the European Parliament.
The reason for her meetings with the European President and others was to present Scotlands case for remaining in the EU when the…

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The Lunatics have broken out of the Asylum

27 Jun

Concur with the Auld Alliance on this,we still need out of the UK.

Auld Acquaintance

I haven’t made any real comments on any forum during the course of the EU debate, instead I have simply watched and listened as events unfolded. However, having spent a good part of the last year touring all around England,It was fairly clear to me how it was all going to pan out, and I was absolutely correct in all I predicted, apart from one aspect. Had I been In Wales, I might even have got that one right, but as it was, Wales voting Leave was the only thing that I got wrong.
Clearly in England, the immigration issue, the rabid press and media, was going to be an overwhelming matter, particularly in areas of high social deprivation and low employment. For all the government and corporate replaying the economic project fear arguments they had used in Scotland, it was secondary to the concerns of the English working class,who…

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