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A Material Change of Circumstance

25 Jul

Lets get the movement started YES? YES.

Auld Acquaintance

It seems just like yesterday when Nicola Sturgeon told all and sundry that the SNP and Scottish Government would not be pushing for a second Scottish Independence referendum in the foreseeable future, and that would only transpire if there was a material change of circumstance, and that there was a clear and sustained demand for it from the majority of Scots, somewhere around the 60% mark.

There were a number of good reasons for such an approach, namely that fighting a 2nd Independence referendum campaign and losing would be disastrous. It would ensure that it would be decades or longer before it could be raised again.
The second being voter exhaustion, namely from successive campaigns coming hard on each others heels. We have had a 2 year Indy ref campaign and vote,EU elections,Westminster election,holyrood election and EU referendum,to be followed shortly by council elections.
The third being that the SNP…

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When NO means Never

23 Jul

No means no chance,but as underdogs we will turn that to yes and bye bye,UK.Now I thought that UK was a union of crowns,not,NOT the political union.Still when they get it wrong they need us to show them the way.

Auld Acquaintance

We have a new prime minister who seems to be channeling her internal Maggie Thatcher, or so that is how she seems to have begun.
First of all on her announcement of being the new PM , her initial address outside Downing street had a feel of Maggies twisted plagiarism of the Thomas Aquinas speech.

Her first actions were to take a machete to the old Tory cabinet, and in a manner which could be described as both decisive or ruthless, she shaped her first cabinet as being the most right wing cabinet in Tory history.

She proclaimed … “brexit means brexit” …. whatever the word brexit means, as it is not a word to be found in the dictionary as yet. But we all knew what she meant alright, as she confirmed that despite her supposedly being on the soft remain side during the EU referendum, she was definitely…

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Rule Britannia OK

21 Jul

Auld Acquaintance

You have had your say, and you chose to remain part of the UK, so that is it settled then, you are not getting another referendum, and we will not allow you to have one. So suck it up suckers! You will have to abide by what the British majority decide,as you are just another region like Yorkshire or Gloucestershire. The rule of parliament prevails.

Scotland voted that we should all be Better Together, and so it is that we have agreed to have a  Tory government, the say of the majority was for Brexit,so we shall leave Europe.We have agreed to Nuclear Weapons at any cost,the loss of shipbuilding,the loss of Steel works,the loss of HMRC jobs. We have agreed to ditch carbon capture, to our governments policy of Austerity,ATOS, Foodbanks,Sanctions and the Bedroom Tax and English votes for English laws…. What part of Better Together don’t we…

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1 Jul

Cant wait for independence ,not getting any younger and health is against a long long wait,in Wendy’s words “bring it on”

Auld Acquaintance

Indyref 2 has begun.

With all the mayhem and media concentration on the blood letting In Westminster over the past week, and The Tories and Labour leadership ripping into each other after the Euro Ref result, in a manner resembling the worst excesses of the Roman Empire with Caesar getting stabbed in the back, only with multiple stabbings in this case. The ramifications of the result in Scotland has by and large, but not wholly, escaped the media attention. Oh sure, they have reported in an almost offhand sort of way Nicola Sturgeons visit to the European Parliament, before immediately cutting back to what has been going on at Westminster.
And Yes, they have had the odd mention of what this might mean to the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK, before as David Dimbley in his impatient and dismissive tones says “ That’s enough about Scotland”…

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