1 Jul

Cant wait for independence ,not getting any younger and health is against a long long wait,in Wendy’s words “bring it on”

Auld Acquaintance

Indyref 2 has begun.

With all the mayhem and media concentration on the blood letting In Westminster over the past week, and The Tories and Labour leadership ripping into each other after the Euro Ref result, in a manner resembling the worst excesses of the Roman Empire with Caesar getting stabbed in the back, only with multiple stabbings in this case. The ramifications of the result in Scotland has by and large, but not wholly, escaped the media attention. Oh sure, they have reported in an almost offhand sort of way Nicola Sturgeons visit to the European Parliament, before immediately cutting back to what has been going on at Westminster.
And Yes, they have had the odd mention of what this might mean to the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK, before as David Dimbley in his impatient and dismissive tones says “ That’s enough about Scotland”…

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