Rule Britannia OK

21 Jul

Auld Acquaintance

You have had your say, and you chose to remain part of the UK, so that is it settled then, you are not getting another referendum, and we will not allow you to have one. So suck it up suckers! You will have to abide by what the British majority decide,as you are just another region like Yorkshire or Gloucestershire. The rule of parliament prevails.

Scotland voted that we should all be Better Together, and so it is that we have agreed to have a  Tory government, the say of the majority was for Brexit,so we shall leave Europe.We have agreed to Nuclear Weapons at any cost,the loss of shipbuilding,the loss of Steel works,the loss of HMRC jobs. We have agreed to ditch carbon capture, to our governments policy of Austerity,ATOS, Foodbanks,Sanctions and the Bedroom Tax and English votes for English laws…. What part of Better Together don’t we…

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