When NO means Never

23 Jul

No means no chance,but as underdogs we will turn that to yes and bye bye,UK.Now I thought that UK was a union of crowns,not,NOT the political union.Still when they get it wrong they need us to show them the way.

Auld Acquaintance

We have a new prime minister who seems to be channeling her internal Maggie Thatcher, or so that is how she seems to have begun.
First of all on her announcement of being the new PM , her initial address outside Downing street had a feel of Maggies twisted plagiarism of the Thomas Aquinas speech.

Her first actions were to take a machete to the old Tory cabinet, and in a manner which could be described as both decisive or ruthless, she shaped her first cabinet as being the most right wing cabinet in Tory history.

She proclaimed … “brexit means brexit” …. whatever the word brexit means, as it is not a word to be found in the dictionary as yet. But we all knew what she meant alright, as she confirmed that despite her supposedly being on the soft remain side during the EU referendum, she was definitely…

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