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No You Can’t have another referendum

26 Sep

I for one will vote and become part of any movement for Scotland to reclaim independence.

Auld Acquaintance

Car crash Dugdale in her speech to the Labour conference stated absolutely clearly (at least for a few hours) that under no circumstance would she or the Scottish Labour branch support a second Scottish Independence referendum.
Later she was asked in an Interview if she would consider supporting one if it turned out that it would be in Scotlands best interests to become independent if Brexit proved to be damaging to Scottish Interests. She still maintained her position that she would still oppose it.

A few days ago it was reported that when asked, that a spokesman for Theresa May had said that Nicola Sturgeon did not have a mandate to call another Independence referendum.
“Asked if the Prime Minister regarded the FM’s position on the possibility of holding another independence referendum as a serious option or an idle threat, her deputy spokesman replied: “The Government does not believe there…

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Labour Resignations and New Party

26 Sep

Did anybody expect better from this political self-serving party

Auld Acquaintance

And  the never ending saga of Labour goes on.
Word has reached us this evening from a BBC source that the BBC are in possession of a letter which is embargoed until 7.45am in the morning of Labour resignations and the forming of a new party.
So much for unity in this dysfunctional Labour party, so much for Labour caring about anything anyone or anything else other than their own squabbles.
It is also rumoured that Corbyn is having another attempt with Labours National Executive tomorrow morning to put the brakes on the much heralded non autonomous autonomous Scottish branch from having a representative on Labours National Executive.
The Labour NEC have also chosen in their infinite wisdom that there will be no debate on trident nor of Brexit..What does that tell you about their primary motivations?
Whether these reports of defections turn out to be true or not,whatever people…

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Eton Mess and Labour Crumble

25 Sep

Ah Sunday politics and Kezia Break wants us to believe she has been consistent in her support for her “new” leader,after all he has just been elected! again! he was the in house leader to start with why did she not support him then? she doesn’t even know,Brewer questioned her several times and still never got an answer,it seems even the word “HYPOCRITE” is wasted on Kezia Break.Again she could not manage an interview without blaming the SNP,who caused the flood of Noah’s time,maybe we even started every war ever even those not known at present! Pathetic might be a good word to describe Kezia Break,maybe we should pity this poor wee lost lamb?! She is not sure if she’s Arthur or Martha,is she in New York or New Year,would she know the difference? do we really care about Kezia Break? Well she does entertain us in a sort of storytelling way,Jackanory has a new reader!

Auld Acquaintance

Eton mess is a traditional English Dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream.Or alternatively the dogs breakfast David Camerons Tories left us with, but instead of broken meringue they used Brexit.
Theresa Mays version give us such luminaries as Boris Johnson, Fox and Davies as the chefs to really make an even bigger mess.
With Theresa May as head Chef it all goes really pear shaped in the Great British Brexit Bake Off as she doesn’t even know the recipe for making Brexit work and Insists that the SNP helped come up with the recipe.
Now one would think with this sort of culinary mayhem going on that Labour would have taken every opportunity to cook the books themselves. Unfortunately for them, instead of coming up with a better recipe, they have come up with a dish called Labour Crumble instead.

The past few…

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The Disenfranchised

24 Sep

The system has changed and its harder to get back on the list now.

Auld Acquaintance

In the run up prior to the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 a huge attempt was made by YES supporters, In particular Radical Independence, to make sure that everyone was registered to vote. Huge efforts were made by canvassers in the Council schemes up and down the country and in the streets to ensure that nobody missed out on the chance to vote in the biggest vote Scotland had ever seen. The homeless and the disenfranchised were encouraged and helped to resister to vote. Huge numbers made it back onto the electoral register by the deadline day.

These efforts will unfortunately have to be made again prior to another Scottish Independence referendum in order to make sure that nobody misses out.

The reason for this is crystal clear. If another Scottish Independence referendum were to take place tomorrow, thousands of these people who had been enfranchised have since 2015 been…

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The SNP need to stop going on about Independence

21 Sep

Read and enjoy great piece again,makes me jealous sometimes.

Auld Acquaintance

The SNP need to stop going on about Independence, and need to get on with doing their proper job in running the government. They need to start concentrating on the things that really matter like education and health. Why are they not doing this? It just simply Isn’t good enough.

Don’t the SNP realise that Scotland has spoken, and that the people of Scotland said No to Independence, the SNP need to listen to this and accept that NO means NO.

Theresa May and all the Tory and Labour leadership are fully in agreement on this. The Scottish people have no appetite for another re run of a Scottish Independence referendum.

The above is the constant mantra we hear from the Tories, Labour, and Lib Dems in the Scottish parliament and in every media they can get their convoluted message out on…which is all the media!
You have had your…

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Tories plead with SNP to explain Brexit.

20 Sep

Good piece,worked nicely on a Q&A format.Must share around the world,only problem is unionists cant read yet,or is it they wont read,in case they discover how well they have been conned all their lives.

Auld Acquaintance

You couldn’t make it up,could you?

Tories are now asking the SNP to explain Brexit to them, and asking the Scottish Government to make it work!

I know it sounds fanciful, even in this mental post Brexit vote world, where Labour are in meltdown and the Tories have had their own blood letting.
Yet here we are..Despite Theresa May and all the Tories being asked repeatedly what Brexit means…only to get the response of Brexit means Brexit.
God help us if the Tories ever had to write a political dictionary.

Austerity means Austerity
Sanctions means Sanctions
Britain is Broke means   ehhh its Labours fault
Independence means Separatists

Yet here we are…. The Tories actually asking the SNP how they are going to make Brexit work, when neither the Tories nor anyone else knows exactly what it is.

Here is it all…

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Certainly Uncertainty

19 Sep

Just think this is a nice way of asking for support for our future.

Auld Acquaintance

Today.. I have good  and bad news for all of those Remain voters in Scotland and for all of those of them who voted NO in the Scottish Independence referendum of 2014.
You have your wish in remaining in the UK union. Better Together for poorer not richer, In sickness not in health,till in death taxes do you part.

The Vow which you accepted turns out not to be worth the cheap parchment it was written on.
Your pensions which you were assured would be safer under the UK are increasingly under threat.
The promise that you would remain in the EU only if you rejected Independence has proven to be short lived.
But you can be glad that for the moment, the NHS which you were told would be under threat if Scotland chose Independence is safe for a while longer. The Scottish NHS is Independent from the English…

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Never Mind IndyRef2. We need to be Better Together.

18 Sep

Some good points,anymore for anymore?

Auld Acquaintance

This weekend, 2 years to the date of the Scottish Independence referendum, we see a whole load of events taking place. There was a rally for Hope over Fear in George Square in Glasgow yesterday. There are other events today in Glasgow, with a rally planned for Glasgow green.  Only recently, there was a huge march from the Botanics to George Square, with loads of people and saltires. Indy fervour is in the air again, and social media is full of it.
Why then do I find myself shaking my head is despair? The short answer being, I think we should be Better Together.

I know that many of my fellow countrymen and women are champing at the bit for Indyref2….They simply can’t have it soon enough.
There is a small rump..still shouting for UDI.
There are some who formerly voted YES, that say that they will vote NO now…

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Infamy, Infamy…They’ve got it in fae me

12 Sep

With a dishonest press that dislike honest words and comments,in my opinion are doing themselves down,and will be the authors of their own demise.

Auld Acquaintance

The Twitterverse is where it all seems to be happening these days. It is a strange old world,frequented by celebrities, politicians, journalists, and generally anyone that has an axe to grind over something or another.
It is a pretty wild world, where very little is beyond saying, and freedom of expression is encouraged and discouraged in equal measure.
It is a world restricted to 140 character bursts, and not normally a place for rational argument or discourse.
For a writer like me, I have an aversion to trying to get my points across in such a word limited environment.
It is a world where your status is measured not by who you are, nor really what you have to say, but by how many followers you have, and who follows you.
It is a world where, if you don’t like what someone says, you block them..
It is a world…

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