Infamy, Infamy…They’ve got it in fae me

12 Sep

With a dishonest press that dislike honest words and comments,in my opinion are doing themselves down,and will be the authors of their own demise.

Auld Acquaintance

The Twitterverse is where it all seems to be happening these days. It is a strange old world,frequented by celebrities, politicians, journalists, and generally anyone that has an axe to grind over something or another.
It is a pretty wild world, where very little is beyond saying, and freedom of expression is encouraged and discouraged in equal measure.
It is a world restricted to 140 character bursts, and not normally a place for rational argument or discourse.
For a writer like me, I have an aversion to trying to get my points across in such a word limited environment.
It is a world where your status is measured not by who you are, nor really what you have to say, but by how many followers you have, and who follows you.
It is a world where, if you don’t like what someone says, you block them..
It is a world…

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