Certainly Uncertainty

19 Sep

Just think this is a nice way of asking for support for our future.

Auld Acquaintance

Today.. I have good  and bad news for all of those Remain voters in Scotland and for all of those of them who voted NO in the Scottish Independence referendum of 2014.
You have your wish in remaining in the UK union. Better Together for poorer not richer, In sickness not in health,till in death taxes do you part.

The Vow which you accepted turns out not to be worth the cheap parchment it was written on.
Your pensions which you were assured would be safer under the UK are increasingly under threat.
The promise that you would remain in the EU only if you rejected Independence has proven to be short lived.
But you can be glad that for the moment, the NHS which you were told would be under threat if Scotland chose Independence is safe for a while longer. The Scottish NHS is Independent from the English…

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