Eton Mess and Labour Crumble

25 Sep

Ah Sunday politics and Kezia Break wants us to believe she has been consistent in her support for her “new” leader,after all he has just been elected! again! he was the in house leader to start with why did she not support him then? she doesn’t even know,Brewer questioned her several times and still never got an answer,it seems even the word “HYPOCRITE” is wasted on Kezia Break.Again she could not manage an interview without blaming the SNP,who caused the flood of Noah’s time,maybe we even started every war ever even those not known at present! Pathetic might be a good word to describe Kezia Break,maybe we should pity this poor wee lost lamb?! She is not sure if she’s Arthur or Martha,is she in New York or New Year,would she know the difference? do we really care about Kezia Break? Well she does entertain us in a sort of storytelling way,Jackanory has a new reader!

Auld Acquaintance

Eton mess is a traditional English Dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream.Or alternatively the dogs breakfast David Camerons Tories left us with, but instead of broken meringue they used Brexit.
Theresa Mays version give us such luminaries as Boris Johnson, Fox and Davies as the chefs to really make an even bigger mess.
With Theresa May as head Chef it all goes really pear shaped in the Great British Brexit Bake Off as she doesn’t even know the recipe for making Brexit work and Insists that the SNP helped come up with the recipe.
Now one would think with this sort of culinary mayhem going on that Labour would have taken every opportunity to cook the books themselves. Unfortunately for them, instead of coming up with a better recipe, they have come up with a dish called Labour Crumble instead.

The past few…

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