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Hello Mr No

31 Oct

Nice poem by Rod,with a serious meaning.

Auld Acquaintance

Hello Mr No
Hello Mr No.
How do you do
When you can’t see the sun
for the rain falls on you
Hello Mr NO
You dependable slave
who clings to a flag
that is torn and blood stained
Hello Mr No
How you bow and you scrape
at the feet of your betters
and at Royalties cape
Hello Mr No
In Love with your chains
You embrace all your shackles
that have rusted your brains
Hello Mr No
How you freedom must fear
Independence the scourge
to all the lies you hold dear
Hello Mr NO
Do you tremble at night
If there is no one to tell you
what is wrong and what’s right
Goodbye Mr No
I will bid you good day
with all your fears and your doubts
and your blessed disMAY
Rod Macfarlane

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Those That Cannot Be Persuaded

26 Oct

Worth reading and adhering to. I do it sometimes if I feel like getting somebody into a lather without any effort on my part.

Auld Acquaintance

In the ongoing debate between those who are for Scottish Independence and those who are vehemently opposed to it, much time, effort and useless words are written and said.

For those who frequent Social Media or who comment on newspaper articles such pointless and useless expressions of division are the common ground for those who are implacably opposed to the other.

I rarely waste my precious time arguing with someone who cannot or will not be persuaded.
If they make a post, tweet or comment which is palpably wrong with a view to persuading others to their opinion, I will engage up to a point, but no further.
Much of the reason for them to make such points is to draw the opposition into having a circular argument, an argument where no agreement can possibly be reached, and where they wish to have the final word.
Inevitably what you end…

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Should YES become NO?

23 Oct

Possible? I never thought about the question this way.

Auld Acquaintance

A few days ago the Scottish Government proposed a new Draft Referendum Bill which will allow Scotland to proceed if necessary to a fresh Scottish Independence Referendum.
As part of this draft Referendum Bill they are seeking public consultation on various questions.
The first question in it is as follows:

“In the 2014 referendum the question was
“Should Scotland be an independent country?”
At this stage, it is expected that the same question would be used again
but if as a result of consultation the Scottish Government is minded to propose
a variation on that question it would submit the proposal to the Electoral Commission

for independent testing in the usual way.”

It is a question worth pondering over for various reasons, and perhaps the question should be changed to something like “Should Scotland remain in the UK”

In effect: Should YES become NO? Should NO become YES?


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Indyref2…..Why it may not happen

21 Oct

Rod I hope you’re reading the signs correctly,everytime I try to make the signs link up I put in my hopes and wishes and err on the side of hope.It sounds plausible and a reasonable solution to save faces all round.The idea of independence but a joint defence force is one I would have suggested before we got all the lies from Westminster now I’d prefer total independence and no sharing of the colonial ambitions of Westminster,if they want to “regain” the Empire let them strike back alone.I am becoming a very hard independence man no longer being generous to our neighbour in the face of their arrogance and refusal to discuss a compromise,and it took me years to soften from being a independence or nothing man to start with.

Auld Acquaintance

“Talking up indyref2 is irresponsible economic vandalism. Our country is divided enough – don’t divide us again First Minister”, says Kezia Dugdale.

UK Govt is saying only a party majority win in a Holyrood election earns a mandate.
“Theresa May does not believe that there is a mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence.”

“The majority of folk don’t want another vote, the majority of people in Scotland don’t want independence, and the SNP should take this off the table.”, says Ruth Davidson.

Such were the statements made after the Scottish Government officially laid down the consultation for a new Independence Bill yesterday.

The reactions above were entirely expected from the usual suspects…with rather a note of panic about them despite the seeming bullishness.

From Kezia and the Shadow Scottish Secretary who isn’t a Scot, from Labour a clear indication that they were jumping straight into bed with the…

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Nearly Time to Go

19 Oct

Another Blog I cant add anything to except be sorry to see this one close.

Auld Acquaintance

After almost exactly 5 years since I began this blog. 5 years that have seen me make almost 500 posts and reached 101,000 visitors and quarter of a million views, it is almost time for it to go.
It has been quite some journey these past 5 years since I began it in 2011. We have seen changes which I never thought I would see in my lifetime, with much more to come I am sure.

I will be ending this blog on 31st December 2016. Auld Acquaintance will still be here for those that wish to have a read of the many topics I have covered over its lifespan.

Life is full of changes, and change is not something we should be frightened of. Our lives are full of points of transition, and transition is necessary to enable us all to move on.
The one change I would dearly…

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I am a Scots Nationalist

17 Oct

Always a good read from Rod.

Auld Acquaintance

I am Scottish and proud to be Scottish. I believe in Scotland and in my fellow Scots wherever they may happen to be in the world. I am also a Scottish Nationalist, or should I say a Scottish Internationalist? The Nationalism that represents me is that of the inclusive and welcoming Scots tradition which stretches back into the annals of our history.
My friends who are fellow Scots come in all shapes and sizes, genders , colours, and religions,many have brought with them the cultures and traditions of their homelands to enrich the modern day Scotland that we know today.
Those that I count as dear friends include and have always included fellow Scots who have come from India, Pakistan, China, Hungary,Germany, Poland, Australia,Canada, Ireland and England and from more places besides.
I would not be the person that I am today without the influence of these fellow Scots throughout…

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How rare is my coin? The Complete Change Checker Guide to UK Coin mintages

17 Oct

Good to keep a hold of,could stop a “discussion” from being a bit hot!LOL.

Change Checker

Have I just found a rare coin? It’s a question which collectors ask daily, and to help answer it, we’ve put together these charts listing each coin in order of its rarity.

The complete guide to the rarest coins in circulation

The Northern Ireland 2002 Commonwealth Games is the rarest £2 coin currently in circulation – in fact the four designs in the 2002 Commonwealth Games series occupy the four top spots. There were only 485,500 Northern Ireland 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins minted, that’s just 0.1%of all the £2 coins ever struck!

Others to look out for include both 2008and 2012Olympic Handover Two Pound Coin designs.

The mintage figures for the 2015 £2 coins are yet to be released, but you may remember that none of the 2015 £2 coins were released into circulation in 2015. In fact the 2015 Britannia, Magna Carta and WWI Navy £2 coins were only released in the last few months. It’s worth…

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The Times They are a Changin(with SNP Warning)

16 Oct

If my memory serves me correctly a contract can be,Written,verbal or implied,by signing up to life in the UK there is an implied contract that all that they claimed we would have or be able to hold can be proven.Just thought I’d fire that wee snippet in for talking’s sake.Example of implied handing over your fare on a bus and without speaking have a ticket issued,that is implied.

Auld Acquaintance

Being offered the choice between a Hard Brexit and a Soft Brexit is like being being given the choice between whether you want constipation or diarrhoea  . Neither option is either desirable or wanted.
Yet this is exactly what Scots are being offered or told that we must accept, despite the fact that we have already taken our Anti Yoon SNP tablets in an attempt to avoid such terminal discomforts.

Yet here we are… having given the SNP our mandate to have another Independence referendum, in the event of Westminster dragging us out of the EU against our wishes.

The SNP put it as such in their manifesto prior to this years Holyrood elections “‘The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our…

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Fear Factor 10

16 Oct

No need for me to add anything Rod has said it all (almost)

Auld Acquaintance

Well there we have it, the SNP conference is at an end for another year.
Unless you were actually there,which I wasn’t, (not being a member) , then you would have been very lucky to actually know much of what was being debated. Unlike the Labour and Tory conferences which got extensive coverage by the BBC on a daily basis, the SNP were restricted to the news bulletins and a tiny 2 hour slot on the last day.
Therefore the main talking points by the media focussed on Nicola Sturgeons opening and closing speeches, and a couple of speeches in between.
It is easy therefore for the public at large to think that all the SNP talked about was Brexit and the next Independence referendum.
So much for being the 3rd largest party at Westminster. Even so, the content of Nicola Sturgeons speeches were quite enough by themselves to create…

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Scottish Government to adopt Tory Policy.

12 Oct

Excellent and as I’m close to that 65 age,I found it most amusing (I’m 64,honestly),I think I look about 48,I know I’m disillusioned but I’m happy with my pills.I could go along with something along that line,but how about only SNP party members and affiliated groups have the right to vote,or vote twice.

Auld Acquaintance

On the eve of the SNP conference the startling revelation that the Scottish Government is ready to apply key Tory policies has been made by a trusted authoritative source.
The senior insider has relayed the startling revelation ” Despite serious attempts to engage positively with Theresa Mays government we have been rebuffed at every avenue and this has left Nicola Sturgeon with no option but to call for a fresh Scottish referendum”

He went on to say that he expected the referendum to be called for no later than the Autumn of 2018.
He reports the following Major changes have been considered and will be made to the referendum procedures and to who is allowed to vote in it.

The Scottish Parliament will take full oversight of the referendum with the EU invited to send representatives to ensure proper procedures are followed.
Major changes will be made on the right…

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