The Divisive Nationalists Dead Parrot

4 Oct

Great blog as usual,can we get the majority of us Scots to wake up and see what is happening,or will they as is normal for the sleeping Scots,try and believe the liars of Westminster? I think its too easy for some just to keep on believing or else they would have to admit to being fooled each and every time they have voted,or perhaps thinking is too much of an effort for them,it gets in the way of lying on the couch watching Britnat TV.The con-job is coming into its cover everything phase,show how great it was being British,only England has never been British,they (Westminster) have them thinking Britain is part of England.How they conquered the world and are entitled to be superior and be natural rulers.

Auld Acquaintance


Things I learned today:

Some Nationalists are extremely divisive
Article 50 will be implemented by the Conservative government before the end of March next year.
Therefore Britain will exit the EU by March 2019
There will be a Hard Brexit, meaning that Britain will not remain part of the European Single market.
Dead Parrots tell garbage jokes.
And Scottish Tory leaders have an extremely low estimation and derogatory attitude of  Scots people (although I kind of guessed that one previously)

Lets begin with Theresa May and her speech to the Conservative conference.

Theresa May ventured forth with the following:

“today we’re going to be hearing from David Davis, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson as we start to explain our plan for Brexit.  And the country will see that the Conservative Party is united in our determination to deliver that plan.”

“The referendum result was clear.  It was legitimate.  It was…

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