Media Repetition

5 Oct

A blog to be shared with as many people as you can.More needs to be done to show the people what the government is up to with the connivance of the media.

Auld Acquaintance

Carrying on from my last piece on the subject of Sovereignty.

I noticed again tonight on STV Theresa May being interviewed on the subject of Brexit.
This by itself is not in the slightest bit unusual, after all it is the subject of the day at the moment and for quite some time to come I would imagine.
During the Interview with Harry Reid, May was once again asked if she would allow Scotland to have another Independence referendum.
Not at all surprisingly she answered to the effect of, Scotland has already had a referendum and they answered it by deciding to remain with the union.
That as far as she was concerned was a settled matter and Scots should not have another Independence referendum, but rather the Scottish government should focus on taking part in Brexit.
By taking part, she meant do as she tells them. She again made…

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