I was YES now I’m NO

6 Oct

I left this in answer to someone who said they had changed to no from yes because they want out of the EU as well as the UK:So in all honesty you want independence but will vote no to gaining independence? I find it difficult to believe that anybody can say I want everything on my terms or I’ll spoil it for everybody else! You cant get out of the EU and the UK at the same time one has to come first and I do think you really know this,it must be the UK we dissolve first,only then will we be able to vote,and have all of our votes count,to be in or out of the EU.Let me pose it this way to you;If we manage to get the Union of the UK dissolved,and then the majority vote to stay IN the EU will you pack up and move to England,Wales or Northern Ireland?

Auld Acquaintance

I have noticed recently some folk making the statement that they voted YES during the last Indy referendum, but that they would now vote NO because Scotland is against Brexit.
They justify this about turn by stating….

I wont vote yes again if they go against brexit
I want to be ruled by Scotland not Europe

My very simple response to such an argument has been as follows

” No….you want to be ruled by Westminster…get it right!”

These people are not trolls, they genuinely do take that attitude. I know, because I know some of them personally.
Of course they will be encouraged by real trolls who will back them up and pretend that they too voted YES but are now voting NO.

Why then should it be that the genuine ones have taken this about face?
Some admittedly only want and have ever wanted…

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