Beware the Perfidious Scots

7 Oct

Another comment is up on the original blog.Condensed wonderfully and a few corrections,re previous comment,I think all information and analyses is welcome,for me anyhow.It is a needed read for many people maybe for some who never bother to read too much.

Auld Acquaintance

As Theresa May and her Tory government continue to channel their Inner Mein Kampf, in their headlong charge to a Hard Brexit a large section of Scottish Scottish society has looked on in a mixture of abhorrent disbelief and a sense of anger at the betrayal of common human decency.
Many Scots pride themselves in their innate sense of justice, fairness and the brotherhood/sisterhood of the common man/woman.
To see such xenophobia so openly displayed by those who would presume to rule over us, is not what the majority of Scots of all backgrounds and history would hope for, nor what many of the new Scots who have made their home and life among us would desire either.

Theresa May in her highlighted speech has made it perfectly clear that the promise made by Better Together of Scotland being valued as equals in Union is nothing short of hogwash. When…

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