The Hard Brexit Exit

10 Oct

Good thoughts and points here on Rod’s blog.I can concur with him.

Auld Acquaintance

As we await the beginnings of the hard brexit exit that the Tories seem hell bent on pursuing with the Article 50 sign off in around late March according to Theresa May.
I have been taking some time to consider what it all appears to mean, and to reflect both on the Indyref campaign of 2014, and looking forward to a new one once the Article 50 is put in place.
What do we actually know? What lessons are to be learned? How do we approach a new campaign once it begins?

What do we actually know? Well very little so far, nothing has been openly discussed, either by the Tories who seem to be completely divided over what it all means and what they actually want from it, or for that matter what do the SNP and the Scottish government want to do about it?

Much as many on…

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