The Times They are a Changin(with SNP Warning)

16 Oct

If my memory serves me correctly a contract can be,Written,verbal or implied,by signing up to life in the UK there is an implied contract that all that they claimed we would have or be able to hold can be proven.Just thought I’d fire that wee snippet in for talking’s sake.Example of implied handing over your fare on a bus and without speaking have a ticket issued,that is implied.

Auld Acquaintance

Being offered the choice between a Hard Brexit and a Soft Brexit is like being being given the choice between whether you want constipation or diarrhoea  . Neither option is either desirable or wanted.
Yet this is exactly what Scots are being offered or told that we must accept, despite the fact that we have already taken our Anti Yoon SNP tablets in an attempt to avoid such terminal discomforts.

Yet here we are… having given the SNP our mandate to have another Independence referendum, in the event of Westminster dragging us out of the EU against our wishes.

The SNP put it as such in their manifesto prior to this years Holyrood elections “‘The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our…

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