How rare is my coin? The Complete Change Checker Guide to UK Coin mintages

17 Oct

Good to keep a hold of,could stop a “discussion” from being a bit hot!LOL.

Change Checker

Have I just found a rare coin? It’s a question which collectors ask daily, and to help answer it, we’ve put together these charts listing each coin in order of its rarity.

The complete guide to the rarest coins in circulation

The Northern Ireland 2002 Commonwealth Games is the rarest £2 coin currently in circulation – in fact the four designs in the 2002 Commonwealth Games series occupy the four top spots. There were only 485,500 Northern Ireland 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins minted, that’s just 0.1%of all the £2 coins ever struck!

Others to look out for include both 2008and 2012Olympic Handover Two Pound Coin designs.

The mintage figures for the 2015 £2 coins are yet to be released, but you may remember that none of the 2015 £2 coins were released into circulation in 2015. In fact the 2015 Britannia, Magna Carta and WWI Navy £2 coins were only released in the last few months. It’s worth…

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