Indyref2…..Why it may not happen

21 Oct

Rod I hope you’re reading the signs correctly,everytime I try to make the signs link up I put in my hopes and wishes and err on the side of hope.It sounds plausible and a reasonable solution to save faces all round.The idea of independence but a joint defence force is one I would have suggested before we got all the lies from Westminster now I’d prefer total independence and no sharing of the colonial ambitions of Westminster,if they want to “regain” the Empire let them strike back alone.I am becoming a very hard independence man no longer being generous to our neighbour in the face of their arrogance and refusal to discuss a compromise,and it took me years to soften from being a independence or nothing man to start with.

Auld Acquaintance

“Talking up indyref2 is irresponsible economic vandalism. Our country is divided enough – don’t divide us again First Minister”, says Kezia Dugdale.

UK Govt is saying only a party majority win in a Holyrood election earns a mandate.
“Theresa May does not believe that there is a mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence.”

“The majority of folk don’t want another vote, the majority of people in Scotland don’t want independence, and the SNP should take this off the table.”, says Ruth Davidson.

Such were the statements made after the Scottish Government officially laid down the consultation for a new Independence Bill yesterday.

The reactions above were entirely expected from the usual suspects…with rather a note of panic about them despite the seeming bullishness.

From Kezia and the Shadow Scottish Secretary who isn’t a Scot, from Labour a clear indication that they were jumping straight into bed with the…

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