Should YES become NO?

23 Oct

Possible? I never thought about the question this way.

Auld Acquaintance

A few days ago the Scottish Government proposed a new Draft Referendum Bill which will allow Scotland to proceed if necessary to a fresh Scottish Independence Referendum.
As part of this draft Referendum Bill they are seeking public consultation on various questions.
The first question in it is as follows:

“In the 2014 referendum the question was
“Should Scotland be an independent country?”
At this stage, it is expected that the same question would be used again
but if as a result of consultation the Scottish Government is minded to propose
a variation on that question it would submit the proposal to the Electoral Commission

for independent testing in the usual way.”

It is a question worth pondering over for various reasons, and perhaps the question should be changed to something like “Should Scotland remain in the UK”

In effect: Should YES become NO? Should NO become YES?


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