Those That Cannot Be Persuaded

26 Oct

Worth reading and adhering to. I do it sometimes if I feel like getting somebody into a lather without any effort on my part.

Auld Acquaintance

In the ongoing debate between those who are for Scottish Independence and those who are vehemently opposed to it, much time, effort and useless words are written and said.

For those who frequent Social Media or who comment on newspaper articles such pointless and useless expressions of division are the common ground for those who are implacably opposed to the other.

I rarely waste my precious time arguing with someone who cannot or will not be persuaded.
If they make a post, tweet or comment which is palpably wrong with a view to persuading others to their opinion, I will engage up to a point, but no further.
Much of the reason for them to make such points is to draw the opposition into having a circular argument, an argument where no agreement can possibly be reached, and where they wish to have the final word.
Inevitably what you end…

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