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Propaganda Onslaught

30 Nov

Rod well written and presented just makes me jealous,not really just glad we are on the same side.I saw the wee bit where you said it was petty ,but like every pebble thrown they all add up and eventually help build a big wall.I will of course re-blog and post on to Facebook etc;thanks for keeping these things fresh in our minds.

Auld Acquaintance

Over the past couple of days when Scotlands First Minister was visiting Ireland and getting a reception she could only have previously dreamed about, the Unionist Press and Media have been at Red Alert attacking everything and anything they could about Scotland, The SNP, and above all Scottish Independence.
There is nothing new in this because the anti Scottish propaganda has been ramped up to warp factor 10 over the past few months.

But lets begin with the First Ministers historic visit to the upper house of the Irish Parliament.
Historic it was indeed, before a word was said.
Nicola Sturgeon was the first ever leader of another country to be invited to address them. That is quite some honour in itself.
Given the historic nature of this visit, one might Imagine that the BBC would want to give it extended and comprehensive coverage. Instead they gave it as little…

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Ditch Independence Referendum

24 Nov

Very nice Rod,could we be that lucky? it seems that all of our misfortunes begin and end in Westminster,they wont give us our independence easily,and I fear civil unrest or worse.History tells us they like to rule and boss others around think Ireland,Cyprus,Kenya and India just to be going on with.

Auld Acquaintance

With all the uncertainty and piling on of debt associated with Brexit from this Conservative government,how much longer can we wait for them to begin to sort out what they are going to do about Article 50?
They have now increased debt to the stage that it is approaching 2 trillion pounds.
They are now borrowing further billions as announced by chancellor Hammond yesterday and giving Scotland a fraction of it to pay back to them.
Stubbornly they refuse to ask for the approval of parliament to examine their Brexit intentions and are heading back to the Supreme Court in the next couple of weeks to challenge the English High Courts judgement. Only this time Scotland gets involved in the case proclaiming the Scottish Claim of Right must be allowed so that the Scottish Government has a say.

The mess turns into a muddle and guddle and threatens to take…

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Absolutely NO POINT in Independence..IF

16 Nov

I too am disabled with spine and neck damage,bones crumbling had three operations and waiting to see if I can get another one(well it gives them practice the surgeons that is) but as I also have COPD they are reluctant to put me under aesthetic.

Auld Acquaintance

Amongst all the noise, the hype, the Social Media and Mainstream Media about Brexit, the EU, Independence and Trump there are real issues that need to be addressed right now!
There is absolutely NO POINT in shouting about how much Scotland is politically different from the rUK and Westminster. There is no point in proclaiming that we want a more just society and country and that an Independent Scotland is the way to achieve this. There is no point in shouting about the travesty of Conservative governments treatment of the poor, the homeless and the disabled unless we are prepared to do something about it right now!
Doing something about it right now…means holding All our political representatives to account…and that includes the SNP and the Scottish Government!

If we want to do something about the injustices and the travesties that we perceive, we must shout loud and clear about…

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Scottish “Claim of Right” Ensuring the Independence of Scots Law in Perpetuity Ripped to Shreds by Westminster’s Supreme Court – Does The Asset Stripping Ever End?

11 Nov

It may take ten minutes to read but it will take longer to think it through.It is a well worthwhile read,and I also think its a much needed read


Image result for supreme court uk scotland images

Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876

The House of Lords historically has jurisdiction to hear appeals from the lower courts. Theoretically, the appeals are to the Sovereign-in-Parliament, but the House of Commons does not participate in judicial matters. The House of Lords does not necessarily include judges, but it was formerly attended by several judges who gave their opinions when the Lords desired. They did not, however, have the power to vote in the House and “Lords of Appeal in Ordinary,” commonly known as Law Lords, were appointed under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876 to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom in order to exercise its judicial functions, which included acting as the highest court of appeal for most domestic matters.

To be appointed a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary under the 1876 Act, an individual is required to have been a practising barrister for a period of fifteen years…

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Lets Rewind Shall We

8 Nov

For those with selective unionist memories,a wee memory jog.

Auld Acquaintance

Looking back to the promises made up to September 18th 2014, lets remind ourselves some of what we were told by Better Together.

Four things under threat with a Yes vote: Our jobs, Our currency, Our pensions ,Our NHS, Keep Scotland strong – vote NO

Impartial experts say cuts worth half the NHS budget in Scotland would be needed if Scotland leaves the UK. VOTE NO.

PLEASE RETWEET: Today I’ve voted NO to get faster, better, safer change for Scotland.

The UK is an extraordinary partner for America and a force for good in an unstable world. I hope it remains strong, robust and united. -bo

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