Absolutely NO POINT in Independence..IF

16 Nov

I too am disabled with spine and neck damage,bones crumbling had three operations and waiting to see if I can get another one(well it gives them practice the surgeons that is) but as I also have COPD they are reluctant to put me under aesthetic.

Auld Acquaintance

Amongst all the noise, the hype, the Social Media and Mainstream Media about Brexit, the EU, Independence and Trump there are real issues that need to be addressed right now!
There is absolutely NO POINT in shouting about how much Scotland is politically different from the rUK and Westminster. There is no point in proclaiming that we want a more just society and country and that an Independent Scotland is the way to achieve this. There is no point in shouting about the travesty of Conservative governments treatment of the poor, the homeless and the disabled unless we are prepared to do something about it right now!
Doing something about it right now…means holding All our political representatives to account…and that includes the SNP and the Scottish Government!

If we want to do something about the injustices and the travesties that we perceive, we must shout loud and clear about…

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