Ditch Independence Referendum

24 Nov

Very nice Rod,could we be that lucky? it seems that all of our misfortunes begin and end in Westminster,they wont give us our independence easily,and I fear civil unrest or worse.History tells us they like to rule and boss others around think Ireland,Cyprus,Kenya and India just to be going on with.

Auld Acquaintance

With all the uncertainty and piling on of debt associated with Brexit from this Conservative government,how much longer can we wait for them to begin to sort out what they are going to do about Article 50?
They have now increased debt to the stage that it is approaching 2 trillion pounds.
They are now borrowing further billions as announced by chancellor Hammond yesterday and giving Scotland a fraction of it to pay back to them.
Stubbornly they refuse to ask for the approval of parliament to examine their Brexit intentions and are heading back to the Supreme Court in the next couple of weeks to challenge the English High Courts judgement. Only this time Scotland gets involved in the case proclaiming the Scottish Claim of Right must be allowed so that the Scottish Government has a say.

The mess turns into a muddle and guddle and threatens to take…

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