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SSSC fees increase – a poll tax on vassals

22 Feb

Stephen Smellie

No-one likes to learn that they will need to pay more for something. House insurance, bus fares or kids shoes. We all groan when they cost more. However we accept inflation as part of life. Prices go up but as long as they don’t go up too much and wages keep pace then we just get on with it. There are some things, if the price goes up too much, we can choose to do without. Less trips to the cinema (wait till they come on TV), a little less alcohol (no bad thing), that gym membership (take up jogging instead).

However, when the price is hiked up and we don’t have a choice but to pay then we kick up hell. Imagine if council tax was increased by 20% or if business rates were doubled. We would have people on the streets and on the front page of newspapers…

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When Polls don’t work

15 Feb

Another bit of clear thinking.

Auld Acquaintance

I am always sceptical about polls, and for very good reasons.
They can be fun, they can be informative to an extent, but are open to manipulation depending on what questions are asked, who they are asked of, and how questions are asked.
There are companies who make a pretty good living out of asking peoples opinions on all sorts of things from what foods people like to buy, to political polls on how people intend to vote.
The political pollsters such as YouGov, PanelBase, Ipsos Mori etc will use different methods of polling. Some use face to face polling, some telephone and some online polling. Preferably 1000 people are asked, and the responses weighted according to age,sex, previous political voting, and status.
Some people who have registered as willing to respond to polling will be asked on numerous occasions for their opinion. Some people may never have their opinion…

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Fuk U

14 Feb

Auld Acquaintance


(Kezias Labour and Ruths Torys joined together in Union)

Kezias Labour is Red
Ruths Torys are Blue
We both Love you Scotland
So we want to Fuk U

It is St Valentines day, so in the spirit of Love and togetherness both Ruth and Kezia hot footed it to London yesterday to make speeches about how much they loved Scotland so much that under no circumstances should they be attending to their constituents needs 350 miles away, but should address them all from the real seat of power in London.

Joined at the hip they were once more in the spirit of Bitter Togetherness.
Oh Scotland we Love you!
But only as long as you do what our masters want.
Don’t be seriously do not want another referendum!
These nasty Nats are full of grievance and complaint, you don’t want to get into bed with them…
They will drive…

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Only One Argument for Independence

13 Feb

Best I’ve read yet Rod,I like things that are simple,as do most people I think.I will just have to share this blogg far and wide because it speaks the simple truth,and that cant be argued against.

Auld Acquaintance

Over much of the coming year in amongst all the hoo ha over Brexit and the many debates surrounding a second Independence referendum, Including when it will be called and when it will take place, there really is only one argument that needs to be made for it.

Do you wish to have self determination or not?

In  that question lies the answer.

For Scotland to have self determination it means that we ourselves get to decide what we want and what we do not want. It puts an end to the grievance politics of Scots voting one way and being landed with the complete opposite of what we wish for.

If the British government wants to have a hard brexit and we do not, we have no say on the matter.
If the British government want to retain nuclear weapons in Scotland, and we do not, we have no…

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British Government Minister says Scotland should declare UDI

10 Feb

Aye just remove our MP,s from Westminster and declare we are going to take care of ourselves.

Auld Acquaintance

In an interview yesterday in Italy British government defense minister suggested that Scotland should forget another Independence referendum and go straight to a universal declaration of independence.

The following from Reuters:

“Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said on Thursday that there was no need for a second referendum.

“We don’t see any need for a second referendum in Scotland,” Fallon told reporters at a joint news conference in Rome with Italian defense minister Roberta Pinotti.

“The Scottish government should get on with what it was elected to do which is to improve school standards in Scotland, to tackle the problems of the Scottish health service and above all to revive the Scottish economy where unemployment is now rising. Those are the priorities for Scotland, not a second referendum,” Fallon said.”

Concentrating on these issues as a priority, improving education, Scotlands Health care, reviving the Scottish economy, and improving employment and commerce…

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9 Feb

Could this ever be reported in the red tops as it is and not befuddled with right-wing opinion?

Auld Acquaintance

Bill reported, without amendment (Standing Order No. 83D(6)).

  • On a point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. The Government’s refusal to accept a single amendment means there will be no Report stage. The programme motion means there is no debate on Third Reading. I am informed by the Library that the last time that combination happened was the Defence of the Realm Act 1914, which was about the first world war. For this to happen on any Bill would be an abuse; for it to happen on this Bill is an outrage. What is it about the procedures of this place that allows a Bill of this constitutional significance to be railroaded through in this disgraceful fashion?

  • The House agreed to a programme motion, and that is what has been adhered to. What I would…

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Respect? Scotland Eu have had it!

8 Feb

Rod says it just right,watched PMQ,s today and it was said just like that.

Auld Acquaintance


Last July Theresa May hot footed it up to Scotland to meet with Nicola Sturgeon

Mrs May said her message was that the UK government was on the side of Scots.

Speaking before her visit, the PM vowed to fully engage with the Scottish government on Brexit negotiations.

‘Special union’

She said: “This visit to Scotland is my first as prime minister and I’m coming here to show my commitment to preserving this special union that has endured for centuries.

“And I want to say something else to the people of Scotland too: the government I lead will always be on your side.

“Every decision we take, every policy we take forward, we will stand up for you and your family – not the rich, the mighty or the powerful.

“That’s because I believe in a union, not just between the nations of the United Kingdom, but between all of…

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