Unionists are Not Unionists

2 Feb

A different way of looking at Brexit and unionists,thanks Rod more food for thoughts.

Auld Acquaintance

It may seem a strange thing to say, but unionists are not unionists.
Whatever they may be, or whatever they think they are, what they are decidedly not is Unionist.
Many residents of Scotland when asked how they identify themselves, will say ” I am Scottish and British” , others may say ” I am British first and foremost”
If one identifies oneself as being British first, or solely as being British, then it stands to reason that even if they will also Identify as being Scots, their allegiance is to the Union and the British State before and above any other consideration.
They may have been born in Scotland, they may have lived all their life in Scotland, but when it comes to their first priority that is not to Scotland but to the UK.
Being British, their country is Britain, even though there is no such Country but…

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