Article 50 and time to leave

3 Feb

Excellent piece Rod,did you know that the Overseas Territories all had access to the EU but never had to pay?My wife,Alice, was reading about the difference between Territories and Crown Protectorates or Crown Dependencies and the Crown Dependencies have to be consulted before being removed from the EU as they too have access to various parts of the EU,but the key part is being part of the European Customs Tariffs,I’m forgetting it now that I’m trying type it,but I did post it up on Facebook.

Auld Acquaintance

Today the British government finally got round to issuing their white paper on leaving the EU. Having wasted a half hour of my life reading its 77 pages, I discovered that it told us absolutely nothing new whatsoever what their plans are. It may just as well have said Brexit means Brexit and we want to have our cake and eat it.
Next up it goes through the House of Commons committee stage before popping up to the House of Lords and then coming back to the Commons.
To cut to the chase, all this will mean at the end of the day is that Theresa May will eventually action Article 50 to start the process to take us out of the EU at the end of March.
In the meantime the leaders of the devolved administrations will meet with Theresa May once a month without any progress whatsoever made…

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