Lentils and Watermelons

3 Feb

Another goodie to share,thanks.Seems none of the Westminster party ever learns anything,no matter which side of it that is in opposition.Aye the Wee Greens are showing them how they could have done something good.Ah but wait could a Tory or a Labour or even a Lib-Dem have ever thought of doing something good?

Auld Acquaintance

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that Lentils and Watermelons are utterly dreadful if they watched the meltdown in the Scottish parliament yesterday by ace Tory troll Murdo Fraser MSP.
Murdo was fair doing his dinger at Patrick Harvey and the Scottish Green party because they did a deal with the SNP to allow the budget to progress.
“lentil-munching sandal-wearing watermelons” he called them.
Well poor Murdo who has been a list MP since 2001 and who has failed to ever win an election in his life can only be pitied for his grandious sense of self importance. If ever there was a Minister for Twaddle role created he must surely be a main contender for it.
As it is, Murdo seems to spend most of his life trolling on twitter.
However today he is venting his ire on the Greens in the Daily Mail again, by saying “punished for…

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