Only One Argument for Independence

13 Feb

Best I’ve read yet Rod,I like things that are simple,as do most people I think.I will just have to share this blogg far and wide because it speaks the simple truth,and that cant be argued against.

Auld Acquaintance

Over much of the coming year in amongst all the hoo ha over Brexit and the many debates surrounding a second Independence referendum, Including when it will be called and when it will take place, there really is only one argument that needs to be made for it.

Do you wish to have self determination or not?

In  that question lies the answer.

For Scotland to have self determination it means that we ourselves get to decide what we want and what we do not want. It puts an end to the grievance politics of Scots voting one way and being landed with the complete opposite of what we wish for.

If the British government wants to have a hard brexit and we do not, we have no say on the matter.
If the British government want to retain nuclear weapons in Scotland, and we do not, we have no…

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