SSSC fees increase – a poll tax on vassals

22 Feb

Stephen Smellie

No-one likes to learn that they will need to pay more for something. House insurance, bus fares or kids shoes. We all groan when they cost more. However we accept inflation as part of life. Prices go up but as long as they don’t go up too much and wages keep pace then we just get on with it. There are some things, if the price goes up too much, we can choose to do without. Less trips to the cinema (wait till they come on TV), a little less alcohol (no bad thing), that gym membership (take up jogging instead).

However, when the price is hiked up and we don’t have a choice but to pay then we kick up hell. Imagine if council tax was increased by 20% or if business rates were doubled. We would have people on the streets and on the front page of newspapers…

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