Referendum Safeguarding

26 Mar

Aye Rod I remember asking at branch meetings about getting in observers or somebody else to count the votes but it was never even passed on up as far as I know.That for 2014 of course but who knows perhaps with 2014 as hindsight they may bring in the EU although in fairness I was on about getting the UN to look after our referendum.I was expecting it to be fiddled as we all know that there is form for fiddling by the unionist parties or am I just beginning to not trust the system now! Glad to see you’ve resurrected yourself for the up and coming battles.Up the republic that I hope is on its way.

Auld Acquaintance

As seems a distinct possibility, Scotland will sometime in the not too distant future be faced with another Independence referendum. This time as a matter of resolving Scotlands status with the rest of the UK and the EU.
Given that to all intents and purposes the UK government will be heading for a hard Brexit which not only is in opposition to the express will of the majority of Scots who voted to remain in the EU at the time of the UK European exit referendum, and also given that the subsequent stance of the UK government seems hell bent on taking us out of the Single Market too. Scotland is left with no choice but to have a referendum on Independence in order for our Countries express will to be known.

The circumstances of the time of the 2014 referendum have markedly changed, and promises made to the Scots…

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