Mandates for Dummies

30 Mar

Just getting the words to say it right,thanks Rod,the best bit so far;

Auld Acquaintance


Well what a week it has been…
May comes to Glasgow and meets with  Nicola Sturgeon in a wee hotel room, says nothing of any significance and sods off to do photo opportunities with the polis and then off to some place her government said in its press release is called East Kilbridge.
Nobody in Scotland knows where such a place exists, and Mays government knowledge of Scotland is such that they couldn’t care less what we Scots think, and will rename the Country to be called Maidenheid, after Thersa May in announcing in the Commons today as she actioned Article 50, announced that the views of the people of Scotland was of no more significance than her Maidenhead constituency.

On Tuesday we had the resumption of the #Scotref bill and debates in Holyrood..
Ruth the Mooth told wee Nicola, hey ya wee gobshite shut it and sit down! Heel!!

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