Complete Disrespect of Scotland

16 Apr

Another well written and well thought out blogg,worthy of sharing like the others were.I shall be sharing with Facebook and Google.Aye its been hi-jacked and as usual done in the most sleekit of ways just what we expect of the Tories and the Tory owned media.

Auld Acquaintance

The Council elections have been completely hijacked by the Tory and Labour Unionist parties. For them it is all about another Scottish referendum or the denial of one. Both of them are touting for Unionist votes and claiming that if you elect their Counselors they will Stop another Referendum. Apart from being an out and out lie, as counselors do not have the power to either deny or even grant a referendum, they make nothing whatsoever of what local people need in their own communities.
Council elections are supposed to be about policys with regard to things like Local Services, Waste collection and disposal, Social Services, Child welfare, local education policy, Special needs, Parks and Cemeteries, Housing, Homeless provision and a whole lot more.
But are they talking about any of these? No..they are banging on about Stopping a Scottish Referendum.
This is a total disrespect of everyone, be they…

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